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10 Years
Feb 5, 2009
Does anyone know if Tylan 200 can be given orally? I don't mean the Tylan powder, just the regular bottled version you can get at the feed store. Is the dosage the same as if you were giving it in the muscle?

I just have one chicken I need to dose, but all my searches on here have indicated that giving a Tylan IM shot will damage the muscle. I'd like to avoid that if I can.

Thank you!
My Hen Atilla is still on Tylan 200 for a bacterial infection in her I guess what would be equivalent to a knee. I took her to the vet. She weighed 6.4 lbs he figured a little over .2 cc. (Use a 1ml or cc syringe) you would only use .2 for the dosage. SHe has to stay on the tylan for two weeks. The vet said that type of infection is difficult to get rid of. (Not trying to go again you Dawg, you have helped me in the past)///just thought that would help by giving you a yardstick on her weight and the dosage. Good luck
Either way is ok...agreed that it is according to weight. However, the dosage for 1cc is less time recommended for the tylan 200 injectable, only 3 days because of its potency. Even tylan 50 injectable administered orally is only recommended for 3-5 days. But because it takes longer to absorb into their system (orally,rather than injecting) it can be given for 7 days max. Anything greater than that would do nothing but help build resistance to the tylan, eventually causing it to be ineffective. Even tylan soluable is recommended for 7 days...nothing more than that. But I'm not a vet.
I don't know......that's why I went to the vet. He biopsied the affected area...weighed her and came up with that dosage based on the fact that Tylan 200 is stronger than tylan 50. Baytril would be the next line of defense for her infection. It's standard procedure for skeletal infections for the dosage the be given for a longer period of time. Like a human that has a staph infection. It takes longer for the antibiotic to overcome the infection so the antibiotic is given for a longer duration. Attila is just now starting to show signs of improvement..it was a week yesterday. I've been through this before when a jack russell attacked my flock. But thanks for the input.
Blue Mist, sorry didn't mean to hijack your post. Hopefully this information has helped some. Hope your chicken is doing better. You can also add a little strawberry daquiri mix flavoring behind the tylan to chase the bitterness away. That was per the vet when I was administering baytril orally.
Yeah, when it's stretched out over a 2 week period in small doses, it's powerful enough to pretty much control a CRD. I have read on here that tylan 50 can be administered orally at 1/10cc to chicks...just to give you an idea...I think tylan 200 would be too potent for chicks though. I've seen controversy on here about baytril use, whether it's legal or not. My theory is that if it's prescribed by a vet, use it.
THanks for the info, Dawg!
Baytril was good stuff and saved Attila a couple of years ago. It didn't take much. Her wound is healing up nicely. WHole lotta special treats, soaking her in epsom salts( I called it the chicken jacuzzi 5 gal bucket with epsom salt), blue kote, triple antibiotic ointment. Worried about her though. Today is the first day that her appetite hasn't been good.

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