Tylan Soluble does not help, can I treat with a Baitryl?

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  1. Chicks2508

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    Sep 9, 2012
    Hi Guys,

    We are looking for some quick advise.

    We have purchased 3 bantams (Lilly, Bella, Cocco) on 25th August from a farm in Northampton. On the following Thursday we noticed Bella was sneezing, coughing and opening her beak to help with her breathing. We took her to the vet who prescribed Baytril. Then two days later, we noticed a swollen eye on Lilly. We took her to a different vet who advised us to stop giving Baytril and prescribed Tylan Soluble to be given to all 3 chickens instead. I believed, Baytril was making Bella better.

    Unfortunately, Tylan didn't help Lilly and she had to be euthanized on Tuesday just gone.

    We are currently still treating our 2 chicks ( Bella & Cocco) with Tylan Soluble as per the advise of our vet. Cocco looks healthy, running round and having only an occasionally sneeze. Bella was getting better but since yesterday she seems to opening her beak more to help with her breathing and sounds chesty again. She hasn't got any swellings and is eating & drinking.

    We are thinking of stopping Tylan and putting Bella back on Baytril.

    What is your advise?

    Many Thanks
    Helena & Scott
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    Mar 20, 2012
    I'm so sorry about your chick. This is a difficult situation. If the Baytril was making them better, it may be worth a try, but if you stop an antibiotic before the prescribed period, then the disease may come back even worse. Also, after the antibiotic, it may be useful to add a probiotic to their water.
    Good luck!
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    Honestly I've never had much luck with powdered Tylan, but the liquid injectable for cattle you can get at TSC works great. You can drip it in the beak..or inject it under skin. Baytril is great stuff...it is often used as a last resort...or for very bad infections like septic infections etc. The other vet should have kept her on Baytril since she had already been started. Perhaps they were thinking about the cost of Baytril vs Tylan. Tylan injectable is only $10.
    That said... I would give her the Baytril since that was working...she may have issues that the Baytril is controlling. Sorry you lost the other....
    Also. ...what did the vet think the illness is?. There are many in which the birds remain carriers for life so please look into information on it so you know what you are dealing with. Fowl pox.can often look like other illnesses when it turns into wet pox but the difference is the scabs on the skin.
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  4. Chicks2508

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    Sep 9, 2012
    Hi Guys,

    Thank you very much for your replies!

    Both of you confirmed my thoughts. She was diagnosed with respiratory problem.We have started giving her Baitryl on Sunday and I think there's a slight improvement already.
    I really hope she'll get well, we wouldn't like to loose another chicken, love them to bits already and don't like to see them suffer.

    I have also researched, apparently humans should not consume the eggs once the hens been treated by Baitryl?

    I will keep you posted about Bella's progress.

    Thanks for you help


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