Tylan VS Duramycin-10......HELP

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    Went to the vet looking for some tylan for my birds. They did not have it and sent me to a feed store guy that should have it. So after 50 miles of driving today he did not have it also. He did have this stuff called DURAMYCIN-10. Now all i can find is people saying do NOT use it for laying hens and others are saying its a 21 day withdrawl from eggs. Anyone here use this stuff and how well did it work.
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    Tylan 50 injectable can be found in the cattle section at the feed store. It is more powerful than duramycin and doesnt have a withdrawal period. The tylan soluable powder has a one day withdrawal. The injectable can be given orally as well as injected. Orally, the dosage is 1/2cc once a day for standard size and 1/4cc for smaller birds for 5 days. If injected, it is administered into the breast for 3 days. Same dosage, alternate breasts each day in a different spot. Here's a link where you can order tylan 50 injectable. Given orally, you should see improvement in about 4 days.
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