Type of thermometer and hygrometer for your incubator

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Feb 15, 2009
Keystone Heights, FL
I've been having problems with hatches and would like my next one to be better than 60 to 65%. I'm thinking it is my humidity and have read some of the other forum posts but cannot find what everyone is using to measure their humidity or temperature. What brand do you use and is it reliable? Right now I have three different digitals in my incubators and none of them read the same.
Me, too, I have two digital therms - one regular therm, and one dial hygrometer - they all read different
I tend to side more with the old-fashioned hygrometer - That was the only one that calibrated at 75 - the others were all off by 10 - 20 percent
The digital thermometers all read the same temperature, but the humidity on them is different on each one

I got mine off of Eggcartons.com on clearance, $6.95 each
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