types of auto feeder/waterer


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5 Years
Mar 30, 2014
hi there, I am very new to chickens, my chicks will be here next week. yayyyyy. I am wondering what peoples opinions are about the various auto feeders / water for in the coop.. if you have pictures of how your coops are set up inside and thinks you have tried and liked or didn't like that would be great..
the nipple: seems nice but I wonder if the coop will get to wet

the cup: seems like it would be good though and not drip on the floor but I wonder if it will be complicated to deal with in the winter.


the trigger: sees cool(I ordered for outside) but I worry it will be to big for the coop and also get all over the place and mixed into shavings.

Treadle: It seems so expensive and I don't like how it will be on the floor I want something higher up..

pvc feeder: with small slit im worried they will poop in it.

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