Typical timeline of comb and wattle development?

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    Jul 4, 2011
    Our chickens are 7 weeks old right now, and we are almost completely sure that 3 are pullets, but the last one (a silver-laced wyandotte) is still questionable.
    At what age do their comb and wattle begin to really grow or turn pink, and at one point should they be fully grown? Is there a difference for hens and roosters? Does it vary between the breeds? We would especially like to know more specifically about the silver-laced wyandotte, if it is different than other breeds (we also have a buff orpington, plymouth rock, and new hampshire red).
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    Hi sixchickadees,

    Although my experience is limited, your post made me think of something funny.

    When I first bought my barred plymouth rocks, the seller said they were 5-months. I thought they looked more like buzzards than chickens, their combs were so -- nearly non-existant. A month later they began to lay, and the combs were noticable but about 1/2 to 1/3 the size that they are now. Now they are 7 1/2 months and looking back, the comb growth is pretty remarkable.

    I suspect that there will be some differentation with each breed. There is differentation with the genders. (i.e. males develop larger, redder combs faster).

    Those more experienced here will probably ask for picts to help determine the gender of your silver laced wyandotte, but one needs to have a certain number of posts before pictures can be uploaded.

    Oh, and I just noticed my avitar is derived from a photo of them at around 5-months.
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