Typical "What is this" in my egg question

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by tracks74, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. tracks74

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    Apr 10, 2016
    Went to make breakfast this morning and found this in one of my eggs.
    What is it and should I be concerned?

    Background: Bought 20 day old chicks mid June, variety of egg layers. Buff Orpington, Silver Laced Wyndottes, RIRs, black stars, EE, etc. We also have 1 rooster, a Phoenix.
    Started getting eggs Nov 1. Averaging about 12-15 eggs a day now.


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  2. teaton

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    Apr 10, 2016
    Clarksville, TN
    Looks like a fertile egg that was starting to form a chick, was a hen sitting on a clutch?
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  3. MasterOfClucker

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    Jul 19, 2016
    Looks tasty.[​IMG].Looks like the egg started to form in the chick just collect eggs more often.
  4. aart

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    Nov 27, 2012
    SW Michigan
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    Welcome to BYC!

    Tho the pink thing at 10:00 looks kinda of like one, I don't think it's a developing embryo, there would be veins all over if it was.
    The whitish 'U' shaped thing at 1:00 is very odd too.
    Is the white thing above 12:00 a chunk of butter or was that inside the egg shell too?

    There can be some odd pieces of tissue that slough off the reproductive tract and get encased along with or instead of a yolk.
    They can be 'normal' glitches that you'll never see again or signs of disease if they continue.

    I'd be opening your eggs in a separate dish rather than right into pan or recipe for awhile.
    If you get another set it aside and do some dissection on those 'things', taking pics as you go along.
    Keep the shell(s) too as it might hep you identify which bird is laying them and might have a problem.

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