Investigating Typing reply on android phone

Percheron chick

10 Years
Apr 12, 2013
Hudson, Colorado
Between the key pad, the ad for Consumer Cellular, the tool bar and the blue web address there is only room to see 2 lines of text. Any way to get rid of all the extra? Frustrating.
Can you post a screenshot? I'm on an old Nexus 5 (that has a pretty small screen) and I'm seeing more than 2 lines of text:

Which phone model is that? Also, you said it's chrome... do you know the version?

Obviously, one of the big differences is that blank space between the keyboard and the advertisement. I'm not sure what that is from, but I don't see it on my phone.

Any other users have similar problems? If so please post a screenshot or at least let us know which phone and browser version you're using.
It's a LG k7. Last chrome update was May 2. The blank below the ad is where the word I am typing shows and offers variations of that word or logical next word choices. I'm sure there is an official term for the space.
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Interesting. Is that the stock keyboard? It looks like that keyboard plus the "word predictor thingy" is bigger / taking up more space on your phone than other devices I've tested.

With both Swiftkey and Google's default keyboard, I see at least 5 lines of text.

Maybe others with your phone (and other models) can post some of their screens and post what they see?

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