Uggg..BUGS Inside The FEED


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Jan 6, 2011
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Have you bought feed & found bugs inside? This is the 2nd time and from 2 different feed stores that i have had this happen. The 1st time was chick start & i had only bought a small amount instead of buying a 50 lb. bag so i thought it came from the pet store having it in bulk and not covered(guess that wouldn't really matter) and the little bugs were like those bugs that like flour & rice(mealy bugs i think their called)well i fed the feed to my ducks, thinking well ducks eat bugs & its only a small amount of feed. Now this evening we bought a large bag(50 lb bag) of chicken/duck feed from another store, brought it home & dumped it into a covered tote where we keep the feed and with in 2mins. there were bugs ALL OVER the feed scooper. These are small bugs but a little bigger than the flour/rice bugs. ~On the feed bag it says NOT to use if moldy or if there are insects. So in the morning i need to return the bug infested feed. ~Julie~

A.T. Hagan

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Aug 13, 2007
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Late summer is when you are most likely to get weevily feed. It's a struggle for feed dealers and distributors this time of year to keep their products insect free. Just take it back. I'm sure they've dealt with the problem many times.


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We store all our pellets and other feed in garbage cans with 2% DE (diotomatious earth) and we have no weevils or other bugs in our feed. All feed from mill run feed stores already has weevil eggs in it and often if stored to long in warm weather there will be beetles and larvae in the bag. If not to bad store as suggested and they will be gone in a couple days (dead) and no more will appear or if the bag is heavily infested I would return to place of purchase.

When you get a new bag store as I suggested and you should never see bugs establishing a population in your feed.

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