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    What a horrible dream I had last night!!

    I was under one of the pecan trees with Koda and Blackie (where we had a clear view of the field) when they both started barking and snarling. I saw why. A pair of Coyotes came out of the woods and were just standing there like they were just wanting my dogs to see them. I told my dogs to, "Sic 'em girls"!!!! They took off after them and while one ran off into the woods Blackie and Koda brought the other one down and started to work it over. I ran into the house and grabbed my gun and came back out trying to get a shot in at that 'yote without hitting one of my dogs. When they stopped working that 'yote over it was dead so they ran into the woods after the 'yote that ran off. They came back 10 minutes later looking discouraged.

    The next morning I came out, found Bab's feathers all over the place and found Marshmellow inside one of the nesting boxes hiding and shaking in fear and saw the rest of my chickens outside the coop freeranging with Blackie and Koda sitting and lying down among the chickens. I rushed outside with Marshmellow in my arms. I saw that the coop had been broken into and then saw that 'Yote's body that had ran off the afternoon before. So that's why it had staked it's mate out for my dogs and ran back off into the woods. I'm SO glad that my dogs were up to their jobs.

    Oh boy that is the worst dream I had about my chickens and my dogs. I hate Coyotes.
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    Especially this time of year! Thank God it was just a dream!! Merry Christmas.

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