UGH!!! Hatch day and hens went crazy!!

Batty about Banties

8 Years
Feb 12, 2011
So I had 8 eggs under 3 broody hens, I have gone out off and on yesterday and today to check for babies. Didn't hear or see anything. Just went out to check and found a dead baby chick in the run and all 3 hens were out. Checked on the remaining eggs and there were only 4?! So I picked them up and heard one peep! Rushed it into the incubator and am now waiting. I had eggs in there that I was throwing out today and when I got them out of the bator and did the tap check I think I heard something in one!!! Its like day 25 or something crazy!! Did I do the right thing by taking the remaining eggs? OMGOSH, stress
You did the right thing. Something scared your hens and they may or may not settle back down. If one is exceptionally broody and comes back, just give her back the chick if you want her to have it. Maybe they got spooked by a predator, some hens get all frazzled and just won't come back to the nest, while others will die on it. I'd keep it inside myself, if you have some pals for it, if not, I'd give it to the broodiest hen and let it be. Sorry your nest got disturbed, that is always so sad. Hugs.

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