Ugh! Having a hard time finding organic,kosher meat farms in my area


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Nov 6, 2009
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I live in a small rural town, with 2 major cities within 40 min of me, and many other smaller, rural cities all within 30 mins from me. You'd think I would be able to find local farmers that sell organic, kindly raised meat. I've been doing tons of research, but just can't seem to find anything local. I just don't think I'm looking in the right direction. We have tons of farms out here. I'm curious how those that purchase this type of meat found out about it. I've searched Craigslist, but not sure I can really trust people on there. Also, is it normally possible to buy smaller portions of beef from farmers than 1/2 a cow? I don't really have a $100.00+ whatever to plunk down at a time. I know many, or most of you are not from my area, but just in general, how did you go about getting started buying organic/kosher meat? I'd really hate to have to rely on getting it at the grocery store, it's so overpriced.
I don't have the heart to kill anything I raise,either, so that rules out raisining my own. I'm guessing most people either raise their own, or know people that raise their own. But for those of us that don't, how can I get started?
Curious, why do you want Kosher? Are you Jewish? (not looking for an answer) Kosher especially in meat usually implies a specific form of killing, one which not everyone agrees with.

That aside, honestly, I'd try my hand with Craigslist. Out here there isn't much that really boasts being organic, humane, grass-fed, etc - So the thing is to look around Craigslist and ask questions. Look for proof, pictures, etc.

When it comes to beef, pork, chicken - I don't need organic to want to eat it, I just need some proof that the animals were raised humanely, and personal preferance here, but I'd prefer NOT to eat Cornish X chickens or BBW Turkeys. So, I ask.

Oh, as for smaller amounts of beef, are there any health food stores around you? I have to drive 2 hours just to get grass fed beef from a health food store in the normal 1 lb packages, but it is worth it!! Beyond that I say buy a big freezer if you don't have such options, because truth is, most farmers sell at just 1/2 or 1/4 the animal, as they can't afford to package everything nice and neat.
I guess I mean "Kosher" in the sense that it has been treated humanely. I looked up the definition to make sure it didn't just refer to Jewish rituals of raising and killing meat. It did refer to the word as in meat raised in a humane environment, and endures a death that is swift and painless. (At least that is what I found. I don't mean to offend anyone if I am wrong.) I really just want meat from animals that are kindly treated, and not pumped full of medicines.

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