UGH, LICE can I add dust to sand?

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  1. Just found lice larve and eggs on my hens. Feather loss and decrease in egg production has been happening for a month, thought they were stupid of me.

    Anyway I have a plan of action on the coop and dusting the birds. My question is:

    I have a dog kennel with ten 4 week old chicks that are in my "clean area" of the coop. They do not come in contact with the other birds or the bedding. Do I need to treat them for lice as well? The nesting boxes, then a piece of cardboard seperate their cage from the rest of the birds.

    Thanks for all the great posts on lice here. I am so totally grossed out!! BUT at least I know what to do.
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  2. Also, if I put some sand baths in my chickens play area, can I put some lice killer powder in it, or will they eat the sand and powder and get sick?
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    I wouldn't dust the chicks.

    As far as dusting the chicken's "dust bath sand", I only use food grade diatimatious earth, aka DE. It can be pricey, but a $20.00 50lb bag will last you all year or more. I'm only 1/2 way through mine, and it has been well over a year since I purchased it. (I have about 10-12 chickens at a time. It is natural and very safe to use around chickens, ducks etc. If they ingest it, they are safe and so are your eggs. [​IMG] It also works very, very well on lice.

    Hope this helps!
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    Quote:Exactly what I was going to say!
  5. Thanks everyone. I am off to Earl Mays to get some DE if I can find it.

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