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I swear, I have never felt so stupid about something in my whole life!! I have another question.
I think I know the answer, but I'm not sure. We have a standard cochin that has been setting for a while. This is her first clutch, and she is an early-this-year chick herself. She had hatched 4 chicks, and left the nest (without the chicks!) So we took the other 4 eggs that she had and put them in the bator. One was no good, seemed llike it died around day 14ish. One was pipped, and one peeping. The other one didn't have any activity, and is pretty large. I was thinking it might be a double yoker, because of the size of it. When I tried candling, I couldn't really see anything except the air sac. The air sac was moving around? Like when I would 'roll' the egg, on it's side, on the light, the air sac would be on the side closest to the light, all the time. It is not supposed to do this, right? So this egg is no good or what?
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If you see a dark mass and an air sack, I would leave it in (as long as there is no odor). Better to be safe in case there's a chick in there. Good luck!

P.s. did you bring the chicks inside too or did she go back to them?

I left them out there. She did go back fairly quickly, just had to feed her big fat self first! I was standing by ready to steal if she didn't go back right away tho. One of them wasn't even completely dry!! If she leaves them again, tho, she WILL lose them! It's a wonder she hatched any, she would leave the nest 3 x's a day!!
I know I'm pretty crazy I think!! I am starting to wonder what I am getting myself into! We had our first frost last night, and I still have a broody setting! Plus I an't keep baby chicks in the house for long, cause they make me sick! I need to make a really good brooder box, looks like! I have eggs due to hatch next week, which will hopefully go to the hen that is setting, she is supposed to hatch around the same time. But the next 11 (? I think), will have no where to go, plus the 1 guinea egg that is in the bator, plus the cortunix quail I got off eBay that arrived YESTERDAY!! I am quite crazy, I do believe!
The egg that looked weird was not good. My dad decided to open it. Luckily it didn't blow. He broke the shell, and the membrane was moving. He gave it back to me and said to put it back, cause it was still moving. Must have been the bateria moving, cuz when he gave it to me, there was really dark liquid oozing out!! I wish he would have one blow on him! Maybe he'd leave it alone!!

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