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    May 28, 2009
    South Central, PA
    So after 2 years of commuting to college, I had to move back on campus. I'm in an apartment with 3 other girls, who are all arriving tomorrow. I have never met these girls, and I am a very shy and quit person, so this will be fun. I also had knee surgery and am on crutches so I basically am stuck in the suite until I am walk enough to go to activities.

    And worst or all, I miss my cats [​IMG]. I raised them from when they were 10 days old, and have never left them longer than a week. I'm really trying to stay on campus more this semester, so I probably won't be going home every weekend like I used to. My animals are my best friends, and I miss them like crazy. I lived here freshman year and made some guy friends (I'm not good with girls), but they all transferred, so I am all alone.
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    Oct 31, 2008
    Well a good part of actually living at college is learning to live in the real world instead of your own little corner because sometimes life demands that such be done for survival. You will be fine. It's not forever and it's a learning experience. Look at it as a learning experience and one that you WILL survive and it will teach you many many things.
    You may not like it and you may not like them, but you will survive and flourish because you are independent and can be alone.
    ON the other hand, having girlfriends to commiserate with can be a good thing and it's a thing that you should learn about because having girl friends is an entirely different experience than having guy friends. Some girls are real ditzes and some are remarkably like you. You just have to find out who is who.
    Good luck!!
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    That's really tough being away from your kitties...they're such good company. Sharing housing can be rough and I feel for you, especially when being mostly confined comes into play. Hopefully at least 1 of your new roommates will be low key and have something in common in you. [​IMG] Let us know how things are going.
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    May 28, 2009
    South Central, PA
    So I've resorted to fish now. I have 4 Platies (2 red, 2 red painted) and a snail.

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    May 19, 2008
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    OOH boy, thats got to be nerve wracking! I feel for you...
    BUT you never know,.. they may end being really good friends to you! [​IMG]
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    My daughter is a freshman this year, and seems to have adapted well to dorm life. While she and her roommate don't have much in common, they are cordial, and DD has made several friends in her dorm. Give it some time - you may find that you have a ton in common with one or more of your roommates.

    Good luck, and best wishes for speedy healing! [​IMG]

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