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    Nov 3, 2009
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    several months ago my uncle sent me 7 birds from his bird farm. they were all young, a supposed mix of sexlinks and RIRs for egg production. he told me that he sent me 6 pullets and 1 cockerel and even with the pen right outside my bedroom window, i figured we could handle one crower.

    well, i left town for a month for work and when i got back, it was quickly becoming fairly obvious that my girls weren't girls. i did keep naively hanging onto hope though looking at pictures of black sexlinks and noticing large combs and wattles. unfortunatly, there is only so much hanging on you can do when 6 LOUD birds are crowing outside your bedroom window at 4 am.

    so to keep the sanity of the house and the surrounding houses (i was lamenting my story to one neighbor and saying something about stew and he said "well, your pot or mine, it's GOING to happen. soon) after attempts to sell the roosters or give them away, i decided the best new home for them would be my freezer. after all, i should get some enjoyment after all the torture.

    so, 6 roosters in the freezer later, i was feeling quite bad for reba, my lone pullet, for having culled all of her boyfriends. so, i got on craigslist and checked the farm and garden section for both santa fe and albuquerque and find exactly what i am looking for. the add said something along the line of, "not quite a year old layers, $6ea." PERFECT. during the coarse of e-mail correspondence she mentioned that the rooster that had been breeding them had been a little rough and they were missing a few feathers...


    [​IMG] i just got what may be the 4 ugliest pullets i have ever seen. almost a year old and boy oh boy did that rooster ever do a number on them...some of them have over HALF of their feathers gone. they look like the missing evoluionary link between birds and dinosaurs. lucky for them, i am now roosterless (just don't look in the freezer) so they have plenty of time to lay and grow feathers [​IMG]

    2 brown leghorns, 2 unidentified green egg layers, and 1 polish (i think)

    the polish must have fought back or avoided the rooster because she is fine but the other 4, U.G.L.Y. [​IMG] UGLY [​IMG]


    p.s. i just hope my beautiful reba doesn't laugh at them too much from the other pen...
    p.p.s. i'll try to get some pictures of them up if i can
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    Poor things! One of my first hens came to me with a bare back. She looked pitiful! But her feathers regrew quickly and she transformed into a beautiful lady. [​IMG]

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