uh oh heat lamp hatch - ideas & support welcome here!


11 Years
Oct 22, 2008
Vancouver Island, BC
Well some of you may have seen our rescue chick did not make it. That same day however I took the last 3 eggs from the nest as she was obviously done setting. Candled them and figured one was probably just about ready, one another week to go (or dead at that point), and the other was all black so I wasn't sure.

So what the heck I stuck them in the brooder under the heat lamp. I can't believe it but we have a pip!

we have spray bottle at hand, and the eggs are on a towel. I put a dish of water in the brooder to see if it would add humidity.

Anything else? As long as it's trying we'll do our best!! I know we'll have to kidnap a buddy...they are all a few days old already.

This nest took a loooong time to build and she sat 1 day on 1 day off....so I figure those early birds really got a head start. I thought they would have died off being cooled so much. Guess not!

Note to self: pip probably 7pm ish...peeping heard 10:15
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Once your little guy is all dried and running around- maybe 2 days- you can sneak him in with the hen & other chicks. Keep watch for a while, but he should catch up. This happened to me too- all the chicks are fine now.

Sounds like you're doing good with your set up. If you notice anyone pipping and you think it's to dry- do the wet paper towel wrap. Yay babies!

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