uh-oh in infant chick

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6 Years
Sep 16, 2013
I hatched some chicks and one has crooked feet....... (maybe from low temp/stuck in shell too long from low humidity?)

it doesn't quite look like it could walk for awhile,/ approx. 2-3 days old, it's toes are looking like right angles and at unsymmetrical pattern on the floor plain. looks very painful for it, is commonplace for this problem to work itself out ?
It is usually from too high temperature, sometimes foot stuck in shell from low humidity. Sometimes it's genetic.

It won't work itself out. I had one hatch like that today. I'm putting tiny straws on the toes to straighten them out. It isn't too late for yours but if you don't fix it now they'll harden like that. If it is a rooster it will have trouble breeding.

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