Uh oh, They figured out where I live


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Apr 10, 2011
I Love It!!! Man if I wasn't paying much attention that would scare the bageezis outta me. Great pictures!

Chicken + Duck = Ducken!

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Jun 1, 2011
a small town in Oklahoma
LOL I have 3 ducklings and a bantam chicken in my room right now (they are to young to be outside, in my neighborhood, chickens/ducks get moved outside when they are to noisy, wake me up at 5 in the freakin morning every morning, or if they crow) I also keep my white broiler Honey Bun in my room, but she's alowed to roam around some. (NOT a good idea when I can't find the right size chicken diaper!!) When I get up at dawn the duckens (duckens means both my chickens and my ducks) will run up to me and giveme the cutest, or meanest, looks they can. The ducklings will give me a sideways tilty cute face, the bantam just sits at me like "oh heck no don't get that feeding frenzy started not AgAiN".lol I kinda agree with the bantam cause breakfast in my room is complete chaos. I have to make sure Honey eats her food not the little duckens food, clean up after the ducks every 5 min, replace their water every 10 min, try to keep them out of my bowl of cereal, put the 3 outside chickens outside in their pen, and put Honey Bun either in her play pen outside or in her "time out" cage, then I have to clean what's left of my room.
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