UK Chicken fans


8 Years
Feb 3, 2015

This is quite honestly the best chicken forum in the world.

I am in the UK and have been looking for a similar forum based here but there isnt one. Done get me wrong, there are chicken forums, they just arent a patch on this one.

So are there many other UK users on this forum? Please make yourselves known, i'd like to hear a more local accent too ;-)
Hi Pete,

Nice to meet you :)

What do you have chicken wise?

My dad has been keeping chickens for years but I started about a year ago. I have runner ducks too. I have just started incubating this year and I am on my fourth hatch.

I am completely hooked :)
Nice to meet you too Kirstie, Ive just three chickens at the moment a speckledy, a golden speckledy and a copper star all hybrids, they free range in the back and ive got a green frog design plastic coop with a door timer. I'm completely addicted and yesterday had my first egg and felt like a proud parent!
Got my pullets from and charlotte really helpful and had a massive range of poultry, duck geese etc
Congratulations on your first egg and heres to many more!

I have two copper black marrans bought from a local small holder , a white silky and a cuckoo and white bantam which I hatched myself and five runner ducks, four of which I hatched myself!

I borrowed a friends incubator and have gone hatch mad! I have also recently, two days ago, hatched 10 chicks from some bantam eggs that my friend gave me. I have no idea what to do with them all as I cant possibly keep them, but I have been looking up small holders shows and thinking that i could set up a stall maybe.

Crazy, I know, but I never expected to hatch so many!
Hi All, I live in Teesdale County Durham

I post on various UK sites which are good but this site has so many like minded members.

I love this site, it feeds my Meat bird breeding habit, ha.
Hi there - i believe there is a UK thread on this site - on the "where are you" bit.

all the best

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