UK ONLY Contest - Best Bird Pics - 1st Prize Cream Legbar Eggs - 2nd Prize 6 Months GFM

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I have been allowed by Nifty Chicken to hold a contest for UK members

USA Members please don't get offended this is UK only as the Prize cannot be shipped internationally

The Contest will run for 30 days Winner will be announced on 1st June 2013

1st prize will be 6 Cream Legbar Eggs from my own Trio Stock

2nd Prize Courtesy of Nifty Chicken will be 6 Months GFM

Now your asking what do we have to do to have a chance at the prize

well that the most simplest thing in the world

Grab your Camera, HTC, iPhone and take a Picture

A picture of what I hear you ask

Pictures of your Poultry or Fowls

So Any Backyard Bird be it Chicken, Cockerels, Duck, Geese, Turkey, Pheasant, Guinee, Pea, Ornamental, Etc

What will be looked at which the pics are:

The situation the Bird is in so if its a funny picture great

The Clarity of the Picture and how well the photographer managed to capture that picture

The judging will not be discriminated by breed, type, species or bird SOP Quality

This is a pure for fun picture contest of cool fun birds

Multiple entries are allowed and to make judging easier could the original posts be edited with more pics so they are not all over the place

I hope you enjoy this contest Guys and get on posting

Good Luck Guys/Gals
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here I will get the ball rolling on this one


My Light sussex chicks!

My CCL cross chicks

An attempt at a silhouette...

and Finally my hens sunbathing in the sun today!!

Will be building another run from the neighbour's old greenhouse frame in the next couple of days - hope to get some good piccies of curious girls wondering what on earth is going on - and will post - just bear with me

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