ulcerated eye


8 Years
Jun 3, 2011
One of my WH ducks had her eye closed today and looked like she was in pain. We caught her when they went to bed tonight and it looks like she ran into something and got a poke in the eye. It looks ulcerated, and is sore. Any suggestions on what I can do for her? I don't know if there is a vet in the area that does birds.
There is an eye drop that you would (I think) need a vet prescription for, to treat that. My cat had something like it, and I would hope you could find a vet willing to help.

In the meantime, there is over the counter eye drop antibiotic medication available at some feed stores. Another thing worth considering is making a cup of chamomile tea, then cooling it off with an equal part cold water, and put it in a container that the duck can wash her head in. Please do some investigating to see if you are comfortable with herbal remedies, but this might be something to try if you have no other option.
I would first get eye solution made for pets and use it to irrigate the eye too make sure there is nothing in there. Next I would go to your local pets store and look in the dog or cat section for a Eye Irritation bottle. This will help with the irritation.
Thank you both. I will go to the feed store in the am and see what they have for eye ointment.

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