Um, way early hatch??


8 Years
Jul 15, 2011
I have 54 turkey and duck eggs in a sportsmen 1502. They were do to go into lockdown this Friday. Monday I noticed a little pipping on 1 duck egg. Tuesday morning I found 1 hatched turkey hanging from the turning rack (uninjured). I hurried up and put all the eggs in hatchers. As of right now I have 22 turkeys with 3 left to hatch. I have 5 ducks hatched with 20 some to go.

Before I put the eggs in the incubator I collected them over a 7 day period. So the oldest egg was 7 days. They were stored at 55 degrees in an automatic turner How in the world did these hatch almost a 7 days ahead of schedule. I could see the first eggs which were 7 days old, but not the egg that was laid the same day put in the incubator
All on the same shelf, temp is set at 100 and it never fluctuates. Same as every other time. I check the incubator several times a day and document I just can't figure it out
Just checked about 30 minutes ago. I had a 100% hatch on the turkeys for a total of 26. I will say since I started using the hatching tray in the 1502 my hatch rate for turkeys has been awesome. In the past 3 hatches I have only had 2 eggs not hatch. I don't candle any more just put in the incubator and let it go. Now on the other hand I am hatching my ducks in an LG and only have a 60 to 70% hatch rate. Most die trying to hatch they pip and die Humidity is 70 to 80%

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