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  1. Hi Everyone-
    This is my first time raising chicks. I just picked up two chicks and one of them seemed to have poop stuck to its underside like it sat in it. Not pasty butt; it's vent is clean and clear. I watched both of them poop when I picked them up from the feed store as well. I tried washing it off with warm water and thats when it detached a bit and I realized that it wasn't just poop. Did some research and it seems like it's a umbilical cord hernia but not as extreme as some cases I read where the intestines were attached. The more I look at it, the more it looks like it's a big scab at this point that I partially took off. I cut off the little dried string piece that looks like it would be the umbilical cord because my other chick was trying to pull it. I put some antibiotic ointment on it as well. I didn't know if there was anything else I could do? I am concerned of an infection. Didn't know if I could add some oregano essential oil to their water as precautionary? The chick is eating and drinking. Acting as normal as a little chick would I assume. Any advice would be greatly appreciated![​IMG]
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    I would leave it alone---it will dry up and fall off---it happens. I hatched over 6000 chicks in one year---seen it several times---never done anything---then it was gone.
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    2x Leave it alone, trying to remove would expose the internal to external contaminates.
  4. Thanks for the responses! I was hoping it would just dry up and fall off. There is some raw exposed area, which is why I added the topical ointment. I am hoping the other chick doesn't try to tug on it. I will just make sure the area stays clean.

    Thanks so much
  5. So the hernia seemed to have healed up well. But there was a small lump by it that I was hoping would go away as well and it hasn't. It's actually hard to see, but you can feel it well. It's hard. Today I was able to actually get a decent picture of it when she was sitting on a little roost bar I put in their box. In this position it looks really big. She is acting just like the other chick. Eating, drinking, and pooping. It is slightly above and to the left where the hernia was when you are holding her on her back looking at it. I'm worried she will be fine now and it will be something that down the line kills her. Plus if it was treatable and I didn't do anything, I would be upset with myself. Any idea what it could be?[​IMG]

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