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I told my mom to go to Van Dam Farms to get shampoo for our silkie hen because she had a bunch of these whitish orange bugs on her vent area.
But my dad said "no you can go on the base (EAFB) and get stuff there"... My mom picked out Hartz Flea and Tick shampoo... citrus scent.
That is for dogs, and on the back it said "USE ONLY ON DOGS" with big bold letters. I fear that it will give Nana (the silkie) a skin irritation or make her skin come off.
But my mom wont listen to me... I heard you can use flea and tick shampoo for horses on chickens, unless thats a rumor i dont know.
Someone help me with that issue please?
Also I looked at Nana today, and there were these little white spots all over her vent and cloaca! They were not there yesterday. And there were more on random places on her skin.
What is that and why wasnt it there yesterday? Are the... louse or mites... burrowing in her?
I don't know what your bird has, but you can use diaetamcious earth (think I spelled that wrong) fir killing fleas and othercertain bugs. If your set on using a flea shampoo, then, paul mitchell has a pet line called jp pet. They make a tea
Tree flea shampoo that is really gentle and would be safe for chickens. Good luck.
Those are mites and you need a poultry friendly pesticide, or try the Diatomaceous earth (DE), clean wood ash (not from treated wood).

I have Poultry Dust (for mites and lice) in case of an outbreak. Usually they're bought with them, but they can get it from wild birds.

They're not supposed to be able to get fleas. The dog stuff causes seizures in cats and can also have awful results on a dog, specially the hartz brand. I wouldn't go anywhere near a chicken with it, as sensitive as they are.

It's not transferable to people, it's all poultry specific bugs. The white balls at the base of the feathers is the eggs. There's also a species that prefers rooster butt over hen butt, but the most common species is found near the vent of hens. Though roosters can still get it, the bugs prefer the fluffy feathers of a hen.

Everywhere that the bird lives needs treated, empty out all bedding, and use a mite/lice poultry spray. Some sprays can go on the bird, some can't and it's only an environment treatment.

Read the directions on everything, specially chemicals! But that hartz stuff, I won't use it on my dogs either. I used the kitten spot treatment long ago and BOTH kittens couldn't walk right for 2 days and I thought they would die. My girl dog, from the shampoo, broke out in a skin infection with puss coming out of skin in a rash.

Not going any where near a chicken with that stuff! Or any other animal, since you won't know how it affects your animal until you use it.
Hartz products have been known to kill dogs even when used according to package instructions and are highly toxic to cats. I have no doubt that they are toxic to birds. Most OTC flea and tick shampoos (including those for horses) are based on pyrethrins which are toxic with enough exposure and really aren't safe on birds. Birds really don't get fleas, but they can and do get lice and mites (both of which are species specific). Do a forum search for lice or mites and you'll find plenty of information. Sevin dust is one of the most common treatments and is cheap and easy. Regardless of what you use to treat them you will have to treat both the bird and the environment and do a second treatment a few weeks later to kill of the bugs that hatch out after the first treatment.
I have a line of dog shampoo bars I make that have all essential oils of citronella, cedarwood, peppermint, lemon and lavender. All natural, handmade soaps. I would not recommend them for chickens because of the cedarwood but if anyone is interested for their dogs my website is Look under shampoos.

As for the chickens, I would never use any Hartz products on any animal of mine. I too have had adverse reactions. I have a "sandbox" in the coop made from scrap 2x4's filled with DE for them to bathe in. I also spread DE in the hen house and coop . Knock on wood, I haven't had a real problem with bugs. Good luck.

Adam's flea and tick spray or dust also works well on the birds and the environment. Feed stores usually carry poultry dust, ditto.

DE is not as effective, more a preventive, and has its problems, like no one should inhale the dust, very damaging to lungs, yours and theirs.
Thank you everyone! My mother is crazy! Thank you soo much for telling me this. We havent used it on her yet because I didnt find any bugs on her, and I checked all over.
At the store I even argued with my mom about (and embarrased myself cuz she yelled at me) it because I KNEW it wasnt safe. Ive never bathed my doxies with hartz either, I bathed them with this shampoo thats supposed to be for bringing out the whiteness with dogs with white fur. Even tho my doxies are red....
When my mom gets back from Nevada I will urge her to refund it to the Commissary or I will throw it away if she doesnt agree. My gosh, if its killing animals why is the Commissary selling it?
Its a Air Force Base store shouldnt they be selling something else?
The lady who sold us the chickens at Odyssey Ranch even recommended Sevin Dust! When I told my mom that and where to get it she made this "impatient annoyed" face and said "no i dont wanna drive all the way down to lowes we can just get it at base".... OMGGGG Im gonna rip my hair out I know wayyy more about chickens then my mom does! She only wanted them for eggs but I wanted chickens as a learning expierience and for pets.
they make great pets i luv em soo much

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