ummm... ducks maturing a bit early (or showing signs a bit early)


8 Years
Sep 18, 2011
Hello World of BYC. Today my duck waddles (the one who almost died last week :O) was mating (on top of, shaking) my little White Crested Sunshine. What does this mean? I did order all females, but could a male have slipped through? It'll be fine if they don't end up in our chicken coop, but I don't want to take what I call 'The Drake Risk' (with drakes and chickHens). Could s/he have been just a bit out of whack and do random things? I don't have more details my friend saw it while I was refilling the water but if I see it again I'll post some more descriptive material.

Don't feel bad at all. We all started as Duck newbies at one point!

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