Ummm... is this a normal glitch?


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Oct 5, 2021
I have 5 girls laying now... 3 of them laid their first eggs in corners under the roost or on the coop floor in dug out bowls... sigh. What worked for me was kind of stalking them the next day and when they start acting like they are wanting to lay... I gently place them into a nest box and then leave them alone. One laid in a nest box right after I put her in, and the other 2 left the nest box but returned later to lay their eggs in the right place! Do you have fakie eggs in your boxes?
One of my chickens lays her egg on the couch that the dogs sit down on. She will lay that egg when the dogs are laying right next to her. Sometimes she will kick the dogs off the couch first, sometimes not. I think we might have held her too much when she was a chick. She likes to chase the dogs around the yard sometimes too.

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