Unabsorbed yoke on chick ?

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    Sep 11, 2008
    So I had nine chicks hatch out Friday, and the ninth came out with some unabsorbed yoke. Well here I am on Tuesday and everything seems fine except that one little chick still has this black crusty thing on its backside. (Kinda like when you cut a babies umbilical cord and it turns black and crusty and falls off. This is the first time I have had this happen, should I wash it and try to get it off ? or should I just leave it be ? I just dont want to do the wrong thing here, since this is the first time this has happened to me.

    The chick was born Friday and is now 4 days old,
    Its eating and drinking normally,
    I have not witnessed it use the bathroom (Although the brooder gets messy awfully quick so I am assuming it is using the bathroom ok)
    It walks and sits down normally and not awkwardly as if it were hurting her.

    It just has this black gunk and a bit of shell stuck back there.
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    DO NOT try to clean it off. I would put some iodine on there.

    There is really nothing else you can do. If you try to clean it you have a BIG risk of sadly ripping it out - basically ripping the chick's guts out, sorry for the graphic thought there, but it's true. The skin and everything is very very easy to tear.

    There is a possibility this chick could still get an infection, thus the iodine. Make sure it's not getting pecked on by the other chicks.

    If it has made it this far it might make it after all. Just keep an eye on it but don't DON'T try to pull that stuff off of there.
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    I have one that had an unabsorbed yolk. It had a little black nub on its belly. I put neosporin on it the first couple days. Eventually it will come off on its own. On new chicks keep an eye on the bum for poo, keep the vent clean but avoid the black thing. Is it on its belly or its backside? You said umbilicord like and on its backside so I am unsure if there is more to this? if the bum looks like it gets a bit crusty with poo just gently wash that off with a warm rag ( I use the big fat baby ear swabs, I don't like touching poo). The umbilical cord looking thing you won't want to clean just treat it with something antibacterial. Good luck

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