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5 Years
Sep 10, 2014
My free range chickens love to nest under the deck during the day, and we're going to need a third coop for breeding/chicks in the spring. I've been looking into different coops and watching Craigslist BUT I like working with what I have, so I've come up with this crazy idea for a coop under the deck. Our house sits on a hill, and you can easily walk under half the deck. The other half is narrower and lower, and has an outdoor electrical outlet on the wall to run a heat lamp under for young chicks. The "wall" frames are already in place, just need to staple some chicken wire on & sink some bricks. I haven't quite figured out how to block the rain… maybe hang tarps at a slant so it all runs off? Has anyone ever done anything like this?? Open to ideas or thoughts!!

lazy gardener

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7 Years
Nov 7, 2012
The one question I raise, is: Is any part of the deck pressure treated? I err on the side of caution, and ? if there would be a build up of heavy metals in the soil under the deck. It would be interesting to do a complete soil analysis before proceeding with your plan.

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