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Mar 6, 2014
Beaverton, OR
so my four chicks are chirping away under the brinsea, they were napping for awhile but now i can see the little ones just standing under it. when I brought them home I showed them where the water was by dipping each beak and then showing them where the food was too. I had the Brinsea on the lowest setting, but it was too low! I couldnt muscle it apart to go to the middle setting so I have it propped up on paper towels. Should I be concerned that they are cheeping and just hanging out under there? Normal? Also I know its SUPER tempting to be holding them constantly but Im wondering when I can be getting in there to change bedding, I can already see under the Brinsea and its already getting dirty.

Loud chirps, normal? or do I need to intervene? crazy overprotective mama hen here....lol
I'm new and only used a lamp, so take this with a big grain of salt...

Mine huddle and chirp LOUD when they're cold. They sleep close (but not fighting to get under each other) and chirp quietly when happy. Could be that the Brinsea isn't warm enough? Can you get a thermometer under there?
I did think of that, we have a laser thermometer and i temped it where I could and got 91, and I know if you are right under it the temps get pretty high. Maybe I should lower it a bit? I just am concerned I may be stressing them out more if I dive right in there and start messing with things. Though I could place new paper towels down under there, they already are getting it dirty.
I would lower the height. Folks always think it's too low, but the folks at Brinsea put a lot of research into that product. Chicks get under a hen just fine, and she's laying with her belly on the ground. There's not much space under a momma! The chicks know to kind of crouch down and scoot under there. They don't need room to stand up and walk under it, as they don't do that under momma hen. I don't think you need a thermometer, just touch it and see if it's warm to the touch.

You can change bedding any time, just scooch them to the other end of the brooder and do your job. Even chicks a few days old can be out from under momma for a while before they get cold.
How old are the chicks? Did they come shipped in the mail or did you pick them up somewhere local?

Definitely keep it on the lowest setting if they are under a week. I have one that is 1 week old and 3 that are two weeks old. I have one side of the ecoglo on the lowest setting and the other side on the middle so it's tilted. This way they have a choice of low or high. For littles I would just leave it low though.
I think 3 are just a few days old, and one of the australorps is a bit older- i can see some baby wing feathers. they were driven to the store from a local hatchery, so no flights for them :)

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