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9 Years
Apr 26, 2010
Good Morning and Happy New Year to all.I enjoy this site very much,but I do have a problem with it.That is that all people are not computer smart and when they start enjoying the BYC at first they do not no exactly how the site works.They repeat alot of things that has already been said and ask questions that has been asked plenty times before.I've been a member for about 2 years and I still have problems with how things work.I've been trying to get pictureson my posts and still can't figure it out.I feel that this site is to help people.It's just not about chickens ,It's about helping people in any way that the help is needed.If a question comes up repetively and you no the answer give it and try not to be hateful.You were new once.If you don't like the question then don't answer.I read alot of questions on heat,floors,ventilation,and on and on.If they knew the answer they wouldn't ask the question.If they knew where it is in the forum they would go there. This is a friendly,helpful site.Let's please keep it that way.Thanks:weee:cd:ya

Just remember everyone is dumb;It's just some people are smarter in some areas than others.Share your Knowledges with others.God Bless.
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Trooper, there are also many people on this MB that like to help. I may think that the best way to meet some people that would be easier to ask questions to is look up the "Virginia" group, and post on there and get to know other people on their that may live near you.

One of the other things I've always done is use the search button at the top of the page. I've never not found an answer that way.

Posting pics-I was clueless once too. Go to Uploads at the top of the page. Click on Browse-it will take you to your computer files which, hopefully have your pictures. Click on a picture, then hit "open". It will go back to the upload page. Then hit submit or upload -can't remember which one but it is your only choice. The pic will upload into your file on BYC.

To post that pic, left click, then right click on the address under the picture. Choose copy. Go to your post. hit your left mouse key where you want the pic, then right click the mouse, and choose "paste" That's it. You may need to practice a few times
I thank all of you that responded to what I said.I really appreciate it and I hope to put pictures on within the next few days.We all need help from time to time and when in doubt ask.I had read a few posts this morning and someone was asking about heat in their coop.There were a few responses I felt should have been answered with a little more understanding.I'm not being picky,but I do feel that there is a proper way to give an answer.We have to realize that in different seasons and circumstances people will ask repetative questions.I no the same questions over and over can be a pain;but they do ask because they want to know,and like I said if you don't no exactly where to go to get the answers,then you have to go where you do no.Thank you again and it's going to be a good year.
I totally understand trooper. I am very new to chickens/guinea fowl, this will be my first winter with them. I was very hestitant to post my questions about my coop, ventialtion and heat. I had read most of the threads on those subjects, but I felt that I didn't really get a "true" to my situation answer. Which prompted me to reply plus I was afraid that before the really cold weather got here, I could make changes to the coop before any of the hens could get in trouble. I felt though that everyone who answered my questions did so patiently and nicely. I can't wait to post a few pictures of the girls.
Sometimes people don't think about how their answer will sound written out, and messages may come across as curt or rude when there was no intention for them to be so. It is one of the difficult things in "talking" on the computer instead of in person, where tone and body language are very important. The emoticons help.
I understand too - it is hard to get your head round stuff. How sad for you that you have been a BYC member for 2yrs and still struggle with issues like the pictures.
That really does show something is quite wrong !!!!!!!!!! Maybe there sould be a whole section on New member support !!!!!!!!THat might be a thing to be thinking of in the future BYC - ??????????

I got a lot of help from CheerfulHeart2 She is a Creative Problem Solver and I did drive her mad with questions when I was learning. But these folk are here and available to ask.

Oesdog - If you have problems - shout! Someone will come help you !!!!!!!!
I hope everyone will stay patient with the rest of us and please ignore the answers that seem poorly thought-out or insensitive. I know that the eduction portion of this forum is being improved and will offer many answers for those who have questions.

I have a few articles on my BYC user page that may help in the meantime, and I hope you will ask anyone with a badge under their name for help- we are all more than willing to answer questions any time you need it!!
I agree. I think people who visit this site often see the same questions asked a lot. They forget that new people are coming here all the time - people who are both new to the site and to chickens. When someone asks a question, replying with, "That question has been asked a hundered times, just use the search function", isn't very helpful and is very off-putting. Besides, as much as I love this site, I think the "search" function is terrible.

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