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Feb 5, 2010
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I was wondering if this was a coincidence or if there's something going on in my flock. I've had 2 chickens die now but about a month apart. I had the first one on her own because she wouldn't get along with anyone in the coop and she didn't lay eggs for a long time (she was a BR, one of my best layers) and she suddenly started losing weight, would fall asleep standing up and in the end just wouldn't move until we found her dead one day.

Now a month later I had another one, although she was more active at the end I noticed that yesterday she was falling asleep standing up and didn't want to move; well I found her dead in the coop just a little bit ago. The second one happened to be my other best layer (UGH!!) and she hadn't laid an egg in almost 3 months. Most of my girls are going through/getting over their molt so some of them are a little on the thinner side but boy are they active! These two were definitely different.. and the second (A leghorn) was always acting strange so I don't know if it was just those two or if it's something I should be concerned about for the rest of them. What do you all think?
I should also add that my Leghorn a couple months ago had so much poop on her butt that we had to cut the feathers around there to get it off. She wasn't laying eggs (and never did after either but that's when it started) and she was always laying around and not coming out to roam around the yard. Her activity picked up a little after that but she was always.. weird. I dunno how else to explain it, she was just 'off'.
Yes, very lethargic. It seems to run rampant at times too.
It's so weird

I also noticed something strange with my latest hen, when I found her dead she had clumps of the bedding I use all around her face. Like.. I don't know, she slobbered (lol I dunno how else to explain it) before she died and ended up with the shavings all over her face. The water is outside in the run and she was found inside so I know it probably wasn't that.
I've got a couple of weird deaths too. I called the local extension of the USDA and the vet there seemed to think my birds were dying from coccidia or had a parasite load. Recommended that I worm them and treat them with electrolytes and coccidistats.

He said that this time of year is when he sees that sort of thing.

I'll let you know how it goes.
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