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    Jun 25, 2014
    I have an incredibly sweet and awesome German Shepherd. [​IMG]

    When we first bought chickens, he ate several. In fact, the reason why we put up an invisible fence for him is because he ate some of the neighbor's chickens.

    It took us several weeks to train him to leave the chickens alone. [​IMG]

    And yet you know by watching him that he would still love to eat them.

    We leave the chickens out all day free ranging and then at night we lock them up so they will be safe from predators. My husband normally locks them up but tonight I did, and I always count chickens. Well tonight I counted twelve chickens. One short. Went in several times and counted and recounted and then here came Sieben ( pronounced See-ben ) with a feather in his mouth. Of course, I was upset. I started asking him, "Did you eat one of my chickens?" He knew by my voice I was upset and lowered his head, went over and laid down, and just watched me as I continued to ask him if he ate one of my chickens. Then the "missing" chicken made her noise and I turned and she was roosted up on a ladder.

    Feeling bad. My poor dog.
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    Jul 17, 2014
    LOL. Your dog is adorable. Staring at that chicken with those sad eyes.
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