Unfortunate hen with a tumor on her chest

Just when I thought Hanna was safe from the dominant hen who had plucked off all her butt feathers, I notice a tumor protruding on her chest. Have you seen this on a chicken before? I had a pet rat that got a tumor like this on his side once. The vet told me to humanely euthanize him. It just got bigger and bigger. I suppose I will go out there one day and find her dead, but I just don't have the heart to speed her demise. What would you do? She was only a pullet when I got her in spring. She's not even a whole year old yet. But look at those beautiful eggs. So sad.
OK, somebody had corrected me. She's a barred rock, if that matters. Anyway, something about an impacted crop? So how did she get that and what, if anything, does one do about it? She had apparently plucked her own feathers off to deal with it and it must be quite uncomfortable. Assuming it is not a tumor, perhaps it will go away on its own? I can say that I gave them a bowl full of peelings from the purple grapes I squeezed for this morning's fresh grape juice. If it really is just a full crop then why would she pluck off her own feathers?
artpeeps, I hope she gets better but I need to ask if that is a true barred rock? I thought I had a hen who looks just like yours and many tell me "he" is a sex link rooster? So now I'm more confused.
Her crop wouldn't be that low down. Is there a chance it is an abcess from being picked at or some other injury? How is she otherwise? Eating, drinking, poo, activity, laying etc.?
Hi! Well, it's an odd case. She seems otherwise healthy so far. I am watching to see if it just disappears again or gets worse. I have not yet googled tumors in hens but I guess that's next. If I find out anything more I will keep you all posted. We all die of something, that's for sure. I just separated her out two weeks ago so her butt feathers could grow back. The aracauna was picking on her. She's a docile little thing and non aggressive. Time will tell more...
Does the lump feel like it has air inside, or is it soft or firm inside? If it is air, this could just be a leak in an air sac from injuring herself, and will re-absorb on it's own. If it is soft it may be a fatty cyst, and if it is hard I would guess it is a tumor. Mareks disease can cause tumors.
I have looked at the photo closely and it really does look like her crop. They can hang down quite a bit when they are full!

A few things for you to do now:
1) Observe her carefully. Does she seem lethargic? Does she eat and drink well?
2) Palpate the crop and see how it feels. If you feed pellets or crumbles, these turn to moosh pretty quickly in the crop. Grains and mash will remain mostly whole. Does it feel like a water balloon, perhaps with some food inside, or very hard and tight, solid?
3) Check her breath, if you can. Does she smell sour or yeasty?
4) Check her crop when she goes to roost for the night. Then, the next morning, check again BEFORE she gets down and feeds. It should be much smaller or even empty if it is operating correctly.

Are you sure she is the one plucking her own feathers? I have one bully hen that loves to pull feathers off of the throat and chest of one of my other hens.
If your hen is doing this to herself, you might be right that she is experiencing a problem in this area. While I am still fairly new at chicken medicine, I can tell you that when parrots pluck this area, sometimes it is due to infection or yeast in the crop.
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