Unfortunately had to sell a chicken-have NEVER done that


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Mar 2, 2009
central ohio
Obtained 4 pullets this past summer, Red Stars, and all but 1 have become wanderers. The property across my rd. has pine trees and it was too much for these 3 to resist. 1 was hit by car(killed instantly) and the other 1, as soon as I noticed her going into pine trees across rd. I seperated and processed. Had ANOTHER of this bunch go into pines this past week and I was tired of having to process these gorgeous excellent layers so I found someone who wanted an excellent layer. My chickens are kept in a penned area until daylight and then turned loose to pasture and I had never, in 10 yrs. of chickendom, had them go across the rd. Naughty Red Stars. This was a gorgeous pullet imo.She gave her hiding place away becuz she was so vocal. I heard her doing "egg song" or whatever song she sang in the pines.



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May 11, 2010
Dang, you'd think with all that space on your side of the road, they would have stayed put.

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