unhatched eggs in the batch

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  1. jsin

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    Jun 16, 2012
    What do I do with the eggs that did not hatch, but appeared to be viable at the last candling? I am on day 22. 2 out of 12 hatched yesterday. There are more that appeared viable a few days ago, but have not hatched. Should I try opening the shell or just wait? no pipping yet. I had to help one of the two that hatched get out as it was clear that it was stuck - it was like a mummy in the membrane. The membrane was stuck to the bird pretty strongly on that one. The other hatched without any help at all.

    So, the eggs left.. let them incubate longer? throw them away? or try to see if there is a living bird inside and somehow help them out?
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    May 31, 2011
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    I usually leave them for 5 days to see if they hatch. If they don't hatch by then then they died in the shell. I usually put an egg in a plastic bag then crack it open to see what is inside when I know it is dead/ not viable. Less mess and easy clean up! Also check your humidity. When the chick sticks to the membrane like that usually the humidity is to low. Best of luck!

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