Unique stories of getting your first chicken/chickens!

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  1. Ariana Martinez

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    Jul 9, 2013
    I am wanting to hear from anyone who has a unique story of how you got your first chicken and or flock!
    - The story of how I got my first chicken. :D
    Well my step dad works at a car dealer ship where he works as a machanic. Well he was hangin out with his friends on his brake and a Fed Ex truck was there delivering packages, and while it was leaving a chicken jumped out of it, and the driver had no idea. Well my step dad saw the chicken jump out and him and his friends decided to catch. They ran around the dealer ship chasing the chicken. You can imagine how funny it looked. Lol. :D after they caught her they stuck her they stick her in a box and my step dad brought her home and have her to me. We all thought she was a he because t of the size of her crown, untill she layed a giant brown egg. Which was a nice surprise. I'm not an egg eater but my family is. So I built her a small pen and named her "Helen". And now I have 8 chickens. :)
    (sorry its sooooo long)! :D
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    Apr 8, 2013
    Not quite the same sort of story, but maybe better than no reply to your thread..

    The beginnings of my flock were two little pekin silkie mix hens that we were given free as snake bait. We lived on a place absolutely clotted with pythons as well as feral pigs, dogs, etc. So we waited to see whether or not keeping poultry was feasible in our place with our cages. If they died in a month or less, we wouldn't get more.

    Long story short and hundreds of chickens later, it was feasible.

    I still have the black and red hen (Dragon) who's got many offspring, granddaughters, grandsons, and great-grand-descendants throughout the flock. She's a good one. The other I rehomed as a foster mother because I traced leucosis back to her family line. She didn't suffer from it but carried it.

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