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Early in 2018, the University of Arkansas ended its standard bred poultry program, and severed its relationship with Keith Bramwell, who had run the program. Due to university policy, all remaining flocks were destroyed.

The program had spanned some 13 years and included a range of breeds including the Red Shouldered Yokohama, white Silkie, Salmon Faverolles, and Mottled Houdan. Undergraduates at U Arkansas, supervised by Dr. Bramwell, evaluated and selected on a closed flock of each breed in a effort to meet the APA Standard.

For biosecurity reasons (??) and because it was not a for-profit program, stock was freely available to the public, but only in the form of hatching eggs for pickup.

Who still has birds or flocks hatched from University of Arkansas eggs?

I'll go first: I have Houdans hatched from University of Arkansas eggs in fall 2011.

Who else is out there?

It was an interesting project, and I'd like to think something remains of what they had done. Now that it is no more, a number of people have expressed regrets that they never picked up eggs, or never even knew it existed. Hopefully some of those of us who did, and those who did not, can use this thread as a way to connect.


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Oh my goodness! We just called about this program a couple weeks ago! The lady we spoke with said it was no longer funded. My son is an active 4H member and we were looking forward to the opportunity to get show quality eggs for him to show at the fair. I'm so sad to hear that this program is no more and that the chickens were destroyed.

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