Unknown ducklings!


5 Years
Oct 3, 2014
Victoria, Australia

Hi everyone, hoping for some help identifying my ducklings. I bought a dozen white eggs and a dozen blue from a lady at a market (she didn't know what they were) and thought I'd try incubating them. I now have 16 adorable babies :)
Does anyone recognise these breeds or is it too soon to tell what they are? Thanks :)
at least one of those looks like a Wood Duckling...you certainly got a mixture lol Maybe another is a pekin?
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Here's my guesses: The black one in the front is a Cayuga, the yellow in back is possibly a Pekin, back right corner looks like a Mallard. The other yellow one I'm not sure since it has that dark bill. Back left I have no idea.

Hopefully some others will chime in with their thoughts. You certainly got a fun little variety of ducklings there! :)
The yellow one laying down in the front looks just like my Quackers whose a Muscovy when she was a baby.

I think you might actually have a couple of muscovies (but I'm not an expert). Try posting the picture in the Muscovy thread. :)
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You have what is called the adorable breed of duckling. That one in the back left looks muscovy and the back right is definitely a mallard. The brown one in front looks like a khaki Campbell and the yellow one with the pink bill looks Pekin. I think the one with the blue bill might be buff or maybe even Ayelsbury. I'm guessing though. Definitely one mallard, 100% sure on that one.
The yellow with the blue bill looks like my buff ducklings.
That back right is a mallard or rouen (really they are the same except for size)
The middle yellow looks like a peking to me.

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