Unknown toe problem


8 Years
May 20, 2011

My 5 week old Ameraucana has an issue with one of her toes. A couple weeks ago she had some poop crusted around a toe. It was hardened around the tip of the toe / nail so I let it be, assuming it would come off on its own, which it did eventually. Once it came off, the portion of the toe that had been encrusted looked discolored.

This discoloration has remained. The tip of the toe is white, with some redness in areas, and the toenail is barely there, not broken, but like it is just 25% of the length it should be. It doesn't look infected, but at one time it was bleeding, possibly from being pecked? At that point I isolated her and cleaned the toe, with warm water / hydrogen peroxide / neosporin. I've been doing that for a few days. It doesn't seem to hurt her, she's not bothered by me touching it, and all her other behavior is normal, and she walks and moves normally too. The tip is still white, with some redness. The strange thing is the (mostly) lack of toenail and now, that toe is curling upwards.

If it wasn't obvious, I'm a first time chicken owner. Don't know what the problem is. I'll try to get pictures.


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Feb 5, 2009
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Could be pecking, or simply an injury. Sounds like it will heal up OK (with your excellent nursing care!)

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