Unsteady Ducklings


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Apr 26, 2020
I have some 2 week old ducklings, appleyards I think. There are 6 of them but 2 of them were getting left behind by mum and siblings until she finally gave up on them. We have had them inside now for a few days with a brooder to keep warm. At first I thought they had injured their legs, but now I am not so sure. I am wondering if there is a genetic issue physically or a neurological issue. One is much more unsteady than the other and falls over constantly. Tried to attach video clip but it's not letting me. Any suggestions? They are eating and drinking fine.
To upload a video here you first have to put it on you tube then copy an paste it here. What are you feeding these ducklings and has this been going on since hatch?
Feeding them the same crumb I have fed all the others on. Have two other lots of ducklings and all are fine. I didn't notice any issues until two days before mum completely left them. Will try and do the video thing. Thanks, I didn't know that 😁
Thank you everyone. I have ordered some Brewers yeast that should come tomorrow. 😁
Hi, there!

Just checking into see how your bird is doing. Updates to these threads are very useful for people in the future experiencing the same problem.

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