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Nov 2, 2008
I'm on day 18 of an incubation (my first attempt) I started with 47 eggs, threw out 8 after awhile that were unfertile. I could have sworn I saw movement in some of the eggs around 10 days but now all but one egg candle clear for the bottom half, a dark floating mass for about a third and then the air pocket. With 3 days to go I have to believe this batch is a loss.
I'm using a Hobavator with an automatic turner and keeping it at 99.5 degrees. Any suggestions?
I wouldn't give up on them just yet. However, is it possible that you had a major temperature spike back several days ago? That is really the only thing I can think of that might kill all of them off at the same time. If they are all candling the same then they are most likely at the same stage in their development.
looks like a lifeless dark floating mass, no movement unless I move the eggs
I am also on day 18 on a first attempt and my results are the same. I just took out the turner and put them in a carton to finish the last few days hoping I just wasn't candling properly....
If any of the more experienced members here see this please comment. I have exactly the same thing with several of my eggs too. I am also at day 18 so I was very iterested in this.
This is my first hatch.
no mention was made of humidity. Do you have a hygrometer? (measures humidity) They can be bought at walmart.com for under ten dollars. I put a section of hardware cloth on top of my eggs and set the hygrometer on that and run around 102 in my still air and things usually hatch about right, sometiems a day later. I try to keep the humidity around 40%, maybe 45 or so, and the last three days, bump it up to around 60%. Not all of mine hatch either, but I do okay. Hope this helps. Good luck and don't give up. I compltely destroyed my first four incubation efforts through not knoiwing. You are in good company here.
I candled mine around day 17 and didn't see any movement. I let them set in the incubator with little hope of any hatching. All but one hatched. The one that didn't hatch was cracked.

I would just let them alone. You might get some. Don't give up yet. It's worth a try. Good Luck!!

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