"Until You Spread Your Wings" ~*~ A Griffin RP (Needs Players!!)

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  1. ducky 13

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    Name: Shadow(Her parent's would call her Darkness)
    Gender: female
    Flock: gray
    Team: (Prophecy or Austere? Austeres must be in Gray Flock) Austere
    Personality: flighty,friendly,skittish,adventurous,cautious,quick,not the smartest but tries to make the best decisions
    Appearance:(all pictures I use are free to use)
    Other Notes: receiving her name a week after her hatch, she was named Darkness, for how brutal she was too her siblings and other fledglings around her. She killed her siblings for the food her mother would bring them, her being the only fledgling to feed made parenting easier, and the stress of catching enough food for her mother's brood lessened as Darkness ended their life one by one. The flick saw this and found her to be a great warrior when she got older but, the plan for her becoming a warrior is still being planned. Now in her teen age, she continues to fight for food, now getting her own food and often hunting alone. Until one day she had met a Red flock member, she had heard of them but have never met one. His name was Unknown to her but, she was often thrown off track as every time she headed out he was there. When she found that their flock was the cause of the famine she, tried scaring him away...

    Name: Caymen
    Gender: male
    Flock: Red
    Team: (Prophecy or Austere? Austeres must be in Gray Flock) Prophecy
    Adventurous,friendly, peaceful,caring
    Other Notes: Has been trying to bring peace between the two flocks for a few years, failing each time, he wasn't ready to give up. His parents wanted him to be brutal, but would ignore them. He would go out in search of another Griffin of the opposite flock, then he found one. He was flying about until he saw a grayish black female, name unknown. But this was a spark of hope. Perhaps he could get her on his side. Meeting her everyday at the same spot but never speaking a word. Then one day she attempted chasing him off but he did not budge...
  2. iluvorpingtons

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    Sep 22, 2012
    (Accepted! I'm very sorry for the huge delay in all my posts; my real life has been really busy recently. I'll do the first RP post today!)
  3. chickensamazing

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    (It is okay :) )
  4. ducky 13

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    (That's alright. There are more important things than online)
  5. iluvorpingtons

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    Sep 22, 2012
    I'm gonna add a couple last minute characters just to even out the numbers of Austeres vs. Prophecy griffins.

    Name: Lenore
    Gender: Female
    Flock: Gray
    Team: Austere
    Personality: Compared to the other Austeres, Lenore can seem rather innocent and naïve. She is a poor fighter and a little squeamish when it comes to bloodshed. However, she is under immense pressure from her parents to succeed, and, as a result of their constant pushing, is on her way to becoming a proficient warrior. She has a good head on her shoulders; she just doesn't know how to use it. She feels the need to prove herself, and will go to dangerous extremes to prove her loyalty to the Austeres.
    Appearance: Her coat is all white, but has become ragged and stained from the tough conditions the griffins live in. Her eyes are dark, chocolate brown. One of her wings is twisted slightly from an accident during her childhood, making it harder for her to fly.
    Other Notes: Born into one of the higher-ranking families in the Gray Flock, she was forced to participate in the Austere's training and taught their extreme philosophies at a very young age. Lenore quickly became a huge disappointment, failing at most of the battle training. She was able to impress Terner and gain some respect after saving him in one battle, but she is still considered to be one of the worst fighters.

    Name: Solace
    Gender: Male
    Flock: Gray
    Team: Austere
    Personality: Tough and quiet. His life as a loner shaped him into a bitter, hard-edged kind of griffin. His fights well on his own, but he has trouble working with a team. He values his alone time. He will often act rough and mean, if only to hide his own fears and doubts about himself.
    Appearance: His coat is a light cream color, streaked with gold and brown. Various scars from past fights cover him. Most prominent is one going down the right side of his neck, given to him by the leader of the Red Flock. His eyes are mismatched. One is dark, sapphire blue. The other is hazel.
    Other Notes: Solace's parents were part of the Red Flock, but they were killed in battle by Gray soldiers before he was even a year old. Lost in his grief and anger, he ran away from his flock. A bitter lone griffin named Dirge took him in, taught him how to survive, and left him to fend for himself when she disappeared one day. Solace eventually stumbled upon Terner and the rest of the Austere. He lied and said that his parents were of the Gray Flock, and the Austere accepted him into their ranks. He never really cared about winning the war, but he joined because Terner promised him an easier life after the war. Due to his experience in fighting, he quickly became a valued member of the Austere.
  6. Chicky Crazy

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    Feb 27, 2013
    (Can we start playing now? iloveorphintons I was wondering if Quill could find Millicent in the woods?)
  7. chickensamazing

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    (I'm excited for this to start! :) )
  8. ducky 13

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    (Me too! :weee)
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  9. iluvorpingtons

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    Sep 22, 2012
    (Sure, is it okay if Miriam also bumps into them later?)


    Quill hummed quietly to himself as he strolled through the forest. The snow had finally stopped, allowing him to go out for a short hunt. He knew the Miriam was going to snap at him if he couldn't catch anything, but he was still procrastinating and taking some time to enjoy a walk in the wood. Having grown up in this harsh climate, he was accustomed to the cold wind that continued to ruffle his feathers.

    His older sister's words echoed in his head, Look out for the Gray Flock's soldiers. The river is dangerously close their territory! Her doting voice was terribly annoying, but she did have a point. He tried to keep an eye out as he approached the border.

    He paused to admire some icicles as they glinted in the morning sunlight. "How pretty!" he said to himself quietly. "Hmm...what was I doing again?"

    Hunting! He shook his head, trying to say on task. He sighed and turned away from the beautiful ice to continue his search for prey.


    The high winds buffeted Terner's spotted wings as he soared over the Gray Flock's territory. The forest below was almost entirely white, covered in a fresh layer of snow from last night's storm. A low, feline growl escaped Terner's throat as he surveyed the area. The winter seemed to be growing worse. This was not a good sign.

    I'll have to call a meeting of the Austere. Our spies say that the Red Flock is becoming weaker...this may be a good time for an attack, he thought, his emerald gaze straying to the parts of the forest that were still under their rivals' control. He turned sharply, flying back toward the Gray Flock's camp.

    As he landed near the camp, he let out a long, shrill call, the summoning cry for the Austere. Their meeting place was located outside the Gray Flock camp, in a secret cave. Only the most elite Gray Flock soldiers and trainees were invited to become Austeres, and Terner had no intention of letting the rest of the flock know their plans yet.


    "What a great day for flying!"

    Aileen few around the Gray Flock camp, stretching her tricolored wings in the bright light of sunrise. She flew in various spirals and figure-eights to warm up her wings for the day. Finally, she had been able to get a good night's sleep without those troublesome dreams. She decided to go on a morning flight to celebrate.

    Her flying helped to distract her from the rumbling of her belly and the aching of her ribs. Yesterday had been a hard day of battle training and unsuccessful hunting. Anything that could help her forget that was a welcome distraction.
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  10. ducky 13

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    Shadow jumped off the ledge, leaving her wings closed till she was about 100ft above the ground. Then she opened her wings, flapping them a couple times, launching forward toward a human. Her stomach was empty and was feeding off her own body fat, she was going to eat whatever she could. She was so close, she opened her front talons ready to grab the fleeing human, than all of a sudden the a flash of reddish brown and white flew past her with a great wind blowing into her face. The human was gone, her prey was stolen. She growled in anger and beat her wings rising up into the sky. The red thing was another Griffin, that Griffin that she had seen a week earlier. She growled and raced after him, aiming for the human in his talons, she opened her beak ready to grab it, then he flew straight down to the ground, landing on his feet then pushing off into flight again. This guy was good...


    I was flying as fast as I possibly could, with the human in my talons as another Griffin chased after him...

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