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Apr 8, 2018
nowhere Iowa
Solely because of a video game, Untitled Goose Game, I convinced my husband we needed geese.
I ordered 2 Roman Tuft female gosling's these from Metzer's hatchery back in April, and they arrived today!
I can't tell you how elated I am to have babies again! It's been 2 years since we got our Rhode Island Red hens (4), and the summer/fall before we got our Muscovy ducks (2F 2M) and our Guinea Fowl (currently 2 males left, lost my girls last winter to the cold). So having the little peeps have me in stitches. 😆
We have a Harry Potter closet under our stairs that we converted into their brooder. We figured 2 would be enough, so one- they don't feel isolated, and two- so they are easier to tame/bond.
Because these birds can live a long time, we figured it was better than basement (as we've started our other birds in), to ensure these two don't turn into Cobra Chickens.
It took some convincing towards my husband to get geese at all, because of their reputation. I wanted to get Sebastopol geese because they look so funny, but he liked the Roman Tuft because of how rare of a breed they are, and are smaller compared to the most common breeds (that and he can see mop geese being literal dirty mops).
Not that they will be house geese as pets, but I felt like having them in the house is their best chance of being well rounded as far as imprinting/bonding goes. Plus they can get used to our dog, a 2 year old GSD/Lab who is very respectful of our birds because as a puppy, I took her on a leash whenever I did bird chores. However, she's never seen babies. Sadly, she'll have to deal with their peeping as her kennel is near the closet. 😅
Because of their heritage, we have named them Italian names, Cattiva (naughty) and Guaio (trouble). Hopefully they don't live up to the names, as it is a nod to what geese are seen as, as well as the game that started it all. 😉
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