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    Oct 15, 2009
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    (reposted in Managing Your Flock)

    I have a little problem that seems kinda strange to me; I can’t seem to find any advice to address it. I received a beautiful little Ameraucana from my new friend yesterday. She is 3 weeks old. I took her good advice and introduced her to my three 2-week-old chicks in “neutral territory”. I made a temporary mini-run in the back yard and put them all in it. They all seemed to hit it off well after just a short time. I left them out as long as I could, until it started cooling off enough to need the brooder light. (a good couple of hours). When I put them into the brooder, everyone continued to seem ok. Now, the new girl and 2 of my original chicks are great friends, but my little BR is not happy. She is staying as far from the others as possible, and gets hysterical when they come near her. I have watched carefully, and there is no sign of any of the others being mean to her. I found this when searching:

    It is generally not wise to introduce a single bird to an established flock. Being alone and new is a double disadvantage, and it isn’t fair to them. That being said, only introduce a single hen to an established flock if she’s the same size as them, and monitor the dynamics carefully


    But the new girl isn’t the problem… one of my established chicks is so unhappy. BTW, the new chick is quite small, almost the same size as my original chicks.
    Any ideas? Thanks for your help, you have all been so valuable to me many times already in my quest to learn how to be a good “chickie mama”.​
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    Yes...I'd repost.
    But I'd also give things another day or two, because that's a lot of newness in basically 24 hours. As long as nobody is getting picked on, I wouldn't worry too much. And IMO that quote applies more to older pullets/hens than to chicks. I would think they would still be pretty adaptable at just a few weeks.... Hope they all settle down for you....
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    Chickens in general are easily stressed. A new environment, new coop-mates, new place to find the food and water, etc. are stressful. I think they will work it out. As long as there is no blood shed, I would leave them together.

    I am incubating a staggered hatch. The first ones hatched 7 days before the last ones are due. I am going to keep them all together.

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