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May 24, 2009
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I have one of my BR hens starting to go broody on me. I collect eggs everyday at the same time, so there are no eggs for her to set on. How do I convince her that she doesn't need to set. Now I have another hen starting grrr

what can be done? She was a good layer and now she has none
lol send her to me

i want a broody soooooo bad but idk anything that coud stop them. But if u hve a roo put some eggs under her u might s well use her lol. sorry i'm no help
I have a roo and 6 other hens in the same pen. Will I need to serperate the hen went she is ready to hatch out. I just hatched 37 chicks, (my husband will kill me if I have any more
) Have 40 more in the bator
I had the same problem last week. My girl went broody on me and she found herself in lockdown.....

Put her is a cage, I use a dog crate , and in 3-5 days she should be broken. This worked for me.
Hope this is some help.
I'd let her sit, honestly,

we had a hen who went broody, didn't hatch anything, got off being broody for about a week, then was RIGHT back where she started LOL, this same hen will hopefully be hatching out atleast 10 chicks in 9 days!

they can be VERY determined

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