1. Ok I've found out what is wrong its Coryza dang it. I'm treating it with Duramycin-10 started it yesterday, only mix'n up a gal at a time so it does go to waste, I bought some straw from a local farmer to use on the floor and going to clean out the coop everyday, I'm pray'n for the best. Thanks everyone.

    Alright now, all seems well, (thank god). They all are eating and drinking very well. Going to keep them on the antibody for another 10 days like the package says. Also feeding medicated feed, all I could find was Starter/Grower so I'm mixing it with the Grower/Finisher about half and half, going to do that till I run outa the Starter/Grower.

    It was a nice day today (42) so I let em out for some fresh air and some running room, it was great to see em haul butt to the door. I know it's only been 2 days of treatment but they are acting like their old selves again.
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    good job!!
  3. Miss Lydia

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    Thats what we like to hear [​IMG] keep us updated!

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