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    I'm getting acquainted with this site, though I haven't mastered it yet. I may be posting in the wrong area, I'm sure before long I will get the hang of it. Is there a general posting page? Just for thoughts or to share an experience? A strange thing has happened to me, since getting my chickens i have been up earlier than usual not necessarily to check on them but my minds clock alarms much earlier so to speak. I think this experience very therapeutic. Has this happened to any one else? I so enjoy this new endeavor, it has allowed me to meet and come in contact with wonderful people who share experiences that would evade most people. I was very pleased to receive messages from fellow chicken raisers on my first day. There is a wealth of knowledge here and I have many questions being a novice at it. Good Morning All![​IMG]
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    Yes, everything is divided into sections depending upon the category of the post. You can read them all if you click on forum--new posts (see the top bar). If you want a specific section click forums.

    Chicken raising is so much fun, because the chickens pour peace and happiness wherever they are!
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