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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Justhatched, Nov 10, 2011.

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    May 24, 2011
    I posted a few weeks ago that my kids weren't eating the eggs. After talking to my kids I decided to back off and let it happen naturally. I made omelets last week and gave him a very small piece (it was just a bite). He ate only because I asked him nicely to try it. Today I was getting ready to make his lunch and asked if he wanted an egg salad sandwich. He said it sounded good. I was shocked but didn't hesitate and made it. I put lots of mustard in it. He LOVES mustard. While we were in the truck on the way to school he said he realized they were fresh eggs. I told him it might be different because they were hard boiled, had lots of mustard and he wouldn't be able to tell they were fresh eggs. After school he told me he thought he might be over the phobia of eating fresh eggs. I am glad. It took lots of patience and time but slowly he will eat the eggs like normal. Now I have to work on my daughter. She said she would only eat eggs that were sunny side up and won't let me make them for her. Stubborn girl.
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    Apr 7, 2010
    Congratulations!!! It's nice to see them coming around. [​IMG]
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    Feb 14, 2011
    I feel your pain! Only it's not my kids....It's my husband. He had a fit because our eggs were so orange and tasted different. They do taste a little different but I think for the better. After several years, he now eats our eggs but he did tell a family member just a few months ago that even though we (me and the kids) eat our goose eggs, he would not. I just about fell over on the spot laughing so hard and broke the news that not only did the omelet that morning have some, but the cake from 2 days ago and the bread, muffins, etc,...ALL had goose eggs.....so I was quite surprised to hear that he didn't eat them! [​IMG] I guess I should have Known 16 years ago, we were just married and I was making something to eat. I cut a slice of cheese and tried to feed it to him. "you gotta try this, its the best" I said. "what is it?" "Tillamook." "I'm NOT eating that!" I was thoroughly stumped. I stood back staring at my husband .....Very slowly cause I was soooo confused I asked,...so you don't eat cheese? [​IMG] So now its a family joke that he doesn't eat Tillamook cause he does and he likes it just fine.
    Back to the kids....My kids are weird. They like sardines, liver and will try nearly anything once. When they were younger, I'd buy a little for me and would eat it in front of them without offering them any. Of course that made them curious since I always shared everything I was eating. So they'd ask for some. I'd say well ok, just a taste though. They'd try it say "huh it's ok I guess" or "Hmm that's pretty good", Then run off to play. The next time they would try just a few more bites til I got nuthin left! Now I can't keep liver or sardines in stock!!!!
    Good luck with your daughter!

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