**UPDATE 1 out of 24 hatched!!**My eggs came! 8 days in shipping


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Feb 15, 2009
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OK I finally got my eggs from our little trade. They were shipped last monday and last tuesday. One box was crushed, the other one looked OK. Amazingly, I had eight out of twelve eggs make it out of the crushed box, and nine out of twelve out of the other box.

I am mad though, bacause let me tell you these girls packed the boxes very well, and they had fragile all over them, but still this one was so smushed!!


Here is what I saw when I opened it, and I thought they were all gone.


So, can I still set them? I put eggs in my bator on friday, and i dont havea hatcher. I really really want to try these, should I get a hatcher, (yes yes yes
) or just say its close enough?

Also, is there any way to candle them now and see if the air cells are messed up or the yolks scrambled? I only use a flashlight.
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It might not do any good but I would take the box down to the post office and show it to them and sweetly ask what part of fragil they dont understand, I wouldnt fight I wouldnt argue I wouldnt raise my voice . If they didnt do it they might have words with the people further up the chain.
They had a field day with those!!!

My one experience with a shippment like that did not end happily. I set the only 4 eggs that made it in the hopes that they were salvagable. They blew up in the bator! Not a nice thing to have happen. Talk about insult to injury!
Chances are they have been internally damaged even if they aren't cracked from the sight of that box. If it were me, I would probably try to incubate them & see what I had, but I would definitely speak to the PO about the condition of the package. I've had this happen myself (not quite that bad - but bad enough), & I managed to get three chicks to hatch out of a dozen eggs. They're five weeks old now & doing well. I don't understand the PO & shipping companies these days. Do you think if eggs were sent insured with a signature required they would be better about the handling? It's just awful & thoughtless. Horrible work ethics.
I would set them anyways but I would candle on day 5 then 7 and so on and watch them very carefully so no green goo explosions go on.
Life does have a way of happening sometimes even if it seems impossible.
Well, this is a small town situation, the PO lady happens to be someone I have know forever...

Plus I know one of them was in Colorado Springs for at least five days and one of them diddnt get to Denver untill Sunday, so it was farther up the line. But I will talk to her and see what I can do.
Yeah, on second thought after 8 days shipping I might not attempt to even set these. I have had an egg to explode in the incubator once too, and it was awful.[/i]. It was my own fault for not being diligent to candle every 7 days. Luckily, it happened just as I put the lid back down. It exploded like a shot going off, smelled up the entire house & scared me almost to death. After that sort of
experience you never want that to happen again.
Sorry about your eggs.
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